Converting images


November 21, 2023

For faster page loads, converting to a modern image format makes sense. Here are a few approaches to convert to .webp format.

Using cwebp

The cwebp tool is part of the webp package. I installed on macOS using brew install webp.

To convert a single image:

cwebp ada-blinka.jpg -o ada-blinka.webp

To convert all images in a directory:

for f in *.jpg; do cwebp "$f" -o "${f%.jpg}.webp"; done

Using Pillow

The Pillow library can be used to convert images. I installed it using pip install Pillow.

In the Python REPL, you can display an image like this:

from PIL import Image
im ='ada-blinka.jpg')

To convert an image to .webp format, you can use the REPL like this:

from PIL import Image
im ='ada-blinka.jpg').convert('RGB')'ada-blinka.webp', 'webp')