Saturday Sharing: Some git goodness


Carol Willing


March 1, 2014

Cat enjoying git goodness

Version control and sharing source code help developers hone their craft. If you are new to developing software, learning git can seem a confusing task. In many ways, git is elegant in its simplicity and effectiveness.

When learning git, a new user has some decisions to make: use the command line or a graphical user interface; choosing where to store a remote repository; selecting a learning path that works for the developer - tutorials, video, online classes, webcasts, books, cheat sheets, or some combination. Researching these decisions complicate learning git.

Whatever your learning style, I hope this list of links to some of my favorite git resources helps you:

Good luck growing your skills and enjoying more git goodness.

Added 2017-06-04

Inspired by a talk given at Write Speak Code 2016.