Moving Forward Monday: Meaningful, Mindful, Mental Health Resources


Carol Willing


August 19, 2013

Note: The links to other sites and this post may have triggers to those healing.

“Lean In” is a popular saying these days. Yes, I think it is great to get more women (and underrepresented groups) into higher levels of management and more equity in tech. It’s a change that I hope I see in my lifetime.

While we are “leaning”, let’s end the stigma about mental health. From mental health education to suicide prevention to mental health care accessibility, I want to see improvements in our world.

Just breathe… That’s what I tell myself when things get a little intense or stressful. Mindfulness can make a person’s world more pleasant and peaceful. Check out the UCSD Center for Mindfulness for more information.

image-left Source: It’s Up to Us website

San Diego and California have been doing a great job trying to break down stigma. I love the It’s Up to Us program that educates and provides community resources. Young or old. Male or female.  This site is a great starting point for information.

Let me leave you with a personal challenge: Know the Signs. You never know who you will impact. Suicide is preventable.