Moving Forward Monday: Mountains or Molehills


Carol Willing


August 12, 2013

I recently moved my mom into a nursing home. My dad, who has been her steady caregiver for many years, had made the decision that they needed more care and support during my mom’s most severe stage of Alzheimer’s.

There were times when I felt that moving my mom from her home of many years would be as difficult as moving a mountain. Actually, I like to think of the mountain as a huge iceberg with a herd of elephants perched on top. Yes, moving my mom was emotionally difficult for my dad, my sibling, and me. My mom, though a little anxious of her new home, made the best of this transition. In fact, I believe she did better than the rest of us.

As I watched my mom laugh and smile at her new caregivers and roommates, I couldn’t help but think that the transition was more like climbing over a molehill. Which begs the question of what made the move easier than expected?

Two things stand out: a great team and personal commitment. Talented, caring people working together helped make the move go smoothly. Each caregiver’s personal commitment to providing quality and humane care enabled my mom to believe that she was safe and loved in her new home.

So what does this have to do with tech, software, and diversity in the workplace? Quite a bit. It demonstrates that change even when it seems onerous is possible and healthy. With a great team working together and each person’s dedication, a healthier work environment in tech will grow and spread like wildflowers over molehills and mountains.

Many thanks to The Ada Initiative for their teamwork and commitment to a better workplace and a more humane tech world. AdaCamp San Francisco strengthened my personal desire to make a positive difference in my community – one molehill at a time.