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Learning git: Locations, Remotes, and GitHub

When you are new to git and GitHub, one of the first things that is helpful to learn is where your code is located. Do you want to contribute to open source or a friend's project?

Two concepts will help you get started:

  • The difference between git (tool) and GitHub (service)
  • The location of code repositories and how to refer to them

Building a better community

Why I gave a $2048 donation to Fab Lab San Diego

Watching someone bring their idea to life is an amazing reward.

People from all walks of life have creative ideas. Through grassroots sharing of ideas, skills, and equipment, Fab Lab San Diego gives individuals a chance to learn, build, and share their creations. I believe Fab Lab San Diego's outreach programs inspire students of all ages. Outreach is hard work but the community benefits are huge.

Using Senses to Guide Yourself Through the Fog

My mom has Alzheimer's. Sometimes I wonder what she sees and thinks about her world. She only has about four phrases that she uses now. It is heartbreaking for me to no longer be seen and recognized by her. Yet, she smiles, hums to music, snuggles her blanket, and enjoys her orange chicken as if all is okay in her world.