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Thoughts for Tuesday: Tea Leaves

It's been a week.

Last Tuesday, I was listening to keynotes and sharing trivia at LinuxCon 2013. I also received a phone call that my mom was rushed to the ER with pneumonia. By Wednesday afternoon, the doctors were recommending that I travel to Florida as my mom's condition worsened. At 4:00am on Thursday, I packed up my LinuxCon and Linux Plumbers Conference items and took the first available flight to Florida. I spent the day with my mom listening to her breathing mixed with soothing music. At 8:38pm Thursday evening, my mom passed away peacefully while I stroked her hair and rubbed her shoulder.

Weekend Wisdom: Distributed Network Data

succulent in pot

Distributed Network Data by Alasdair Allan and Kipp Bradford (O’Reilly Media)

When I pick up a cookbook to try a new recipe, I want to know that the recipe has been tested and works. If the recipe doesn’t work out, the cookbook gets tossed on a bottom shelf to gather dust. I hold my technical books to a similar standard.

Learn: MIT OpenCourseWare OCW

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Using Senses to Guide Yourself Through the Fog

My mom has Alzheimer's. Sometimes I wonder what she sees and thinks about her world. She only has about four phrases that she uses now. It is heartbreaking for me to no longer be seen and recognized by her. Yet, she smiles, hums to music, snuggles her blanket, and enjoys her orange chicken as if all is okay in her world.